Measurement guide for your custom esdesk

In order to customize your very own esdesk, we need some measurements from you. Accuracy of these measurements will ensure that the esdesk we build for you is a perfect ergonomic fit.

If you are confused or in doubt, feel free to drop us a note via the contact form or the chat and someone from our team will be in touch to help you out. 


Seated Eyeline Height

Sit down in your usual working spot. Start measuring from the floor up to your eye line. Keep your chin straight. Feet Flat.

Standing Eyeline Height

Stand up. Start the measure from the floor and bring it up to your eye line. Keep your chin straight.

Standing Bottom Elbow Height

Stand up, Arm at 90°, measure from the floor to the bottom of one of your elbows.

Table Height

Choose your working surface. Measure from the floor to the top of it 

Screen Height

From the base of your screen to the top of it.