Like it or loathe it we spend a good chunk of our lives working. If you have ever experienced neck or back pain after a long day in the corporate saddle you know that your working environment can have a significant impact on your physical and mental condition.

Whether seated or standing, it is important to keep in mind some basic principles to ensure your work set up is optimal and does not put too much strain on your muscles and joints.

Important things to keep in mind about office ergonomics:

  1. Keep your posture as neutral as possible with your back and neck straight, eyes looking forward and operate your keyboard and mouse with your elbows at or slightly below 90°. This reduces stress on your body and reduces fatigue.
  2. Keep moving! Stay active by alternating between sitting and standing positions in order to facilitate blood flow and relieve posture fatigue. Take regular breaks, go for a walk and drink plenty of water.


    Posture Guides (courtesy of the University of Adelaide)

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