Fight fatigue AND sleep better with a standing desk - according to science, it’s true.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo 

Are you:

  • Often fatigued at work?
  • Lacking productivity because you’re tired?
  • Suffering to sleep because of stress and / or back pain?

If you answered yes to any of the above, listen in closely: I’m about to share something you probably never knew could address not just one of these problems, but all of them. While this may sound too good to be true, as an expert with over 9 years of academics, know that my claims are backed by science - as you’ll see below.

So… what is the solution? While you may expect something expensive or fancy, fortunately - it’s not. All it takes is to stand throughout your working day rather than sit. And here’s the studies to prove it.


For those struggling with fatigue…..

If 87% of people found their energy improved by standing rather than sitting, it’s almost certain you too will find the same impact - right? Well this exact finding was discovered in a recent study comparing working using a standing desk rather than a sitting one.

Interestingly, when the participants returned to their old desk, most reported that their energy levels declined back to their norm.


For those struggling with productivity….

Following on from the above, studies show 66% of tired workers make more mistakes, 41% misplace items like their phone or keys and 16% miss key deadlines. Further, 21% of tired workers miss meetings, impeding your coworkers and clients too.

So be it for your personal or collective productivity, minimising fatigue is critical - and thus a standing desk can be a helpful tool to whip out to give you - and your team - the boost you need.


For those struggling with sleep because of stress..

Research found that stress is the leading cause of sleeplessness - out of ALL the factors.

Because of this, if you’re stressed, taking steps to proactively reduce it will not just make you feel good during the day, you’ll also sleep much easier that night too.

Standing desks are again your new best friend for sleep too: Studies show workers using standing desks report less stress than those who remained seated.


And finally, for those struggling to sleep because of back pain…


If back pain keeps you tossing and turning through the night, or you wake up feeling exhausted after light, un-refreshing sleep because you couldn’t find ‘just the spot’, a standing desk will be an absolute game changer for you.

Incredibly, a recent study found those with lower back pain using standing desks for several weeks experienced a 32% improvement in their pain. 32%! This could be the difference between you being able to sleep or not - and we all know that sleeping and pain do not go together well.