Introducing esdesk

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MEET esdesk

Work standing up or sitting down in your perfect ergonomic position.

esdesk is the desktop converter tailored to your exact dimensions and customised to suit your taste. Engineered in Australia from our proprietary Quadcore™  cardboard, it is also the sustainable choice.


Easy as 1,2,3

1. Select your product

Decide if you want to work sitting down or standing up. Or both.

Select your esdesk

2. Take your measurements

Your elbow height...eye height...screen size...desk height? They all matter!

We will guide you through taking the easy measurements that we need to build your custom esdesk


Marble? Wood? Concrete? You choose.

Create the look of your esdesk by choosing from our library of shelf finishes.


Pop it up

esdesk assembles in seconds so you can get to work quickly and then pack it flat when you are done.

Built for Strength

Using our proprietary Quadcore™ board, esdesk is engineered to hold over 80kg - that's about 35 laptops!

Your esdesk can do your heavy lifting.


The esdeskSTAND weighs about 2kg and the esdeskSIT even less - meaning you won't break a sweat when it's time to move it around.

our sustainable promise

We plant a tree for every esdesk purchased.

Our products are made from FSC and PEFC paper sources, are 100% recyclable and only use environmentally friendly adhesives and inks.

There is one tree planted in Australia for every esdesk built, so you can be sure you have made the environmentally friendly choice.

342 trees have been planted to date.

Ergonomics from an expert

learn how the esdeskSTAND and esdeskSIT are designed to meet fundamental ergonomic principles

Expert Testimonial

Jordan McCreary from Activate Health Clinics

Want to take care of your team?

On top of providing a safe working environment, with a company branded esdesk you can extend your corporate identity beyond the office so that every day they are reminded that they are still part of the team.

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